What We Do

MicraVoip Solutions is proud to announce a complete rebranding of our corporate identity! Headquartered in USA, MicraVoip Solutions is a full service Communications Company, providing consulting, design, implementation and support for best of breed business communications solutions. We maintain full sales and technical certifications on all the products we sell and support. With offices across Canada and the USA, and strong alliance partnerships with certified resellers, we are able to serve businesses of all sizes anywhere in Canada, and around the globe. We work with our customers to help them make the best decisions for their business, by leveraging communications solutions that reduce costs and increase productivity. We leverage our experience with thousands of existing customers combined with our portfolio of solutions to create business specific solutions. MicraVoip Solutions used to be Unity Telecom Corporation....

Top Quality

  • Top Quality Worldwide Call Routing
  • Secured Network Infrastructure.
  • Highly available and redundant platform
    to guarantee our services.
  • Compatible with all types of Gateways,
    Soft Switches, and VoIP Servers.
  • Purchase voice traffic from Micra
    Telecom at wholesale rates.

    IP PHONE-These specialized phones
    look just like normal phones with a handset,
    cradle and buttons. But instead of having
    the standard RJ-11 phone connectors, IP phones
    have an RJ-45 Ethernet connector.
    IP phones connect directly to your
    router and have all the hardware and software
    necessary right onboard to handle the IP call.


    Calls between Micra customers are always free
    no matter where in the world they are located.
    Choose a phone number from anywhere in the
    world to ring all your other phones.
    You can keep this number forever no matter
    how many times you move and friends and
    family can always call you.

    NEW Micra Founded in 2009, Micra Telecom is the leading, single-entity provider of Tier-one emergency services and wholesale carrier voice solutions. Our business case is terminating traffic to RS through our Points of Presence; SS7 interconnected with all major carriers nationwide. Our network utilizes fiber optic backbones with DWDM and SDH technology, 99.99% SLA DE among our POP's and possesses international redundant traffic routes. Micra Telecom Networks has experience in VoIP termination, and has been working with various companies in different sectors. It has the expertise, resources and solutions to be a true business partner.


    Micra Association membership is open to anyone who is willing to endorse the goals and objectives of the Micra Association.


    Our mission is to foster innovation and competitiveness of regional companies with high growth potential, through capacity building and access to finance support.